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GRTS Radio News May 23 2012

May 23, 2012

The President Sheikh Professor Alhagie Dr Yahya Jammeh on Tuesday received an award in recognition of his achievements in all sectors of development. The accolade “Doctor of Social Sciences (Honoris Causa)” was awarded to His Excellency by the USA based Norman Academy in collaboration with the University of Boake - Ivory Coast. It was received on behalf of the Gambian leader on May 12th in Rome by Professor Mustapha Diabate of the University of Boake.

In yet another strong stance to combat crime in the country, the President Sheikh Professor Alhagie Dr Yahya Jammeh has called for a month long campaign to weed out criminal elements from our communities. The initiative called Operation Bulldozer” was disclosed to members of cabinet and security chiefs during a meeting of the National Security Council on Tuesday at State House. President Jammeh said drug dealers and traffickers, paedophiles, homosexuals, murderers, human traffickers, and 419 perpetrators will not be tolerated in the country. He emphasized that he wants to make sure that the Gambia becomes crime free; where anybody can walk in Serrekunda, or Manjai or Brikama or Kanilai with a bag of money and nobody to ask him why. President Jammeh also commented on arm robbery saying the crime cannot be allowed to thrive.  He urged the authorities in charge of security to start working on the team for the operation which he said he will spearhead.

The President Sheikh Professor Alhagie Dr Yahya Jammeh Wednesday received the produce of his farms in Central and Upper River Regions at a ceremony held at State House. Upper River Region presented 54 bags of rice, 23 bags of Sorghum, 14 bags of coos and 8 bags of findi while the Central River Region delivered 158 bags comprising rice, groundnut, maize, Coos and Sesame. In receiving the items President Jammeh commended Gambians for their massive response to his back to the land call which he said has motivated him to spend four million US dollars on farm inputs and implements this year. He said last year’s crop failure was a clear indication of the need for Gambians to be self-reliant and work hard for food self-sufficiency. He also underscored his resolve to make farming less labour intensive. The Gambian leader encouraged farmers to venture into maize production which he said is less labour intensive, quick to mature and requires less water. He said the newly established animal feed processing factory would buy any amount of maize produce by farmers and pledged to import another new variety of maize from Malaysia. The Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service Dr Njogu Bah said President Jammeh in his visionary leadership has recognized the need for people to be food  self-sufficient in order to be independent and dignified. He said the proceeds of the president’s farms would be used for the welfare of all Gambians and urged all to take advantage of the president’s continued support to agriculture. The Minister of Agriculture Solomon Owens lamented the 2011 crop failure and noted that during the past two months government has spent 116 million dalasi for the procurement of seeds and fertilizer. He said government has procured the best fertilizer from Taiwan saying quality seed and fertilizer is the best way to enhance agricultural production. The Minister of Basic and Secondary Education Fatou Lamin Faye lauded the people of the two regions for heeding to the president’s back to the land call. The Governors of Upper and Central River Regions Omar Khan and Ganyie Touray renewed their commitment to the attainment of food self-sufficiency in their regions and spoke of their readiness ahead of this year’s farming season. They applauded the president’s intervention in appeasing the plight of farmers particularly those affected by last year’s crop failure.

The President Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh has donated a sum of four hundred and fifty two thousand Dalasi to four beneficiary organizations and personalities.  The beneficiaries include St. Theresa’s Junior Choir and the UTG’s Social Science Humanities Student Association and Science Club (SOSHA).  The funds are meant to support the associations to attain their goals.  In a similar development Madeline Njie, Harries Njie and Mary Foon each received D78, 500 from President Jammeh to enable them perform the pilgrimage to Rome, Italy.  The Vice President Dr Aja Isatou Njie Saidy handed over the money to beneficiaries at a ceremony held at State House.  Speaking at the presentation, Vice President Njie Saidy said the gesture was in response to requests made to the president.  She called on the beneficiaries to use the money judiciously.  She commended the president for what he described a benevolent gesture.  She also called on the youths to be very serious with their religious obligations.  Also speaking at the presentation, Father Joseph Carl Gomez commended the president for the support he continues to render to the needy.  He enjoined the youth to support the President in his efforts to develop the country. Speaking on behalf of the St. Theresa’s Junior Choir, Pascal Karbo thanked the president for his timely intervention in getting his group survive the challenges it is face with.  He said the sum would be used in church services and would help address the needs of members.  The Chairperson of the organizing committee of the SOSHA and Science Club of the University of the Gambia, Nicholas Jatta also thanked the President and congratulated him for declaring 2012 as the year of science and technology.  He said the money would be used to sensitize students on the importance of Science and Technology as well as conduct voluntary classes for science students.

The Minister of Local Government and Lands Lamin Waa Juwara was in the Central River Region as part of his tour of institutions under his purview. On Wednesday the Minister met with district authorities in Kuntaur.  At a meeting with local area council officials, Mr. Juwara said the visit seeks to discuss with regional councils and authorities issues of concern and exchange ideas with a view to find solutions to challenges.  The Minister again urged district and regional authorities to take up the responsibilities and advised people in CRR to cooperate with their local authorities especially in settling disputes.  The Minister for Local Government also highlighted the need to ensure proper planning of infrastructure and the judicious use of land.  He praised the Kuntaur area council for their commitment to bring development in their area.  The Minister also launched the community based infrastructure and livelihood project CILIP in Kuntaur. Mr Juwara said CILIP is another indication of the Gambia government’s effort to reduce poverty in rural Gambia.  The minister noted that the demand driven approaches under the project seeks to better empower communities. He therefore advised local government councils and beneficiaries to take ownership of the project.

Earlier on Tuesday the minister held a meeting with the regional authorities in Janjanbureh. During the forum Mr. Juwara responded to various concerns raised by chiefs and area council officials.  He assured the chiefs of the President’s continued support and encouraged them to use the powers vested on them without fear or favour in the execution of their duties.  The Local Government Minister also asserted that payment of tax is compulsory and urged area councils to prosecute those found wanting.  Lamin Waa Juwara further raised an observation on the congestion of towns in the provinces and advised regional authorities to design new town plans that would cater for accommodation for public facilities as well as enhance an easy flow of traffic.  The Governor Central River Region Ganyie Touray said he was delighted for the opportunity accorded them to meet and dialogue on pertinent issues.

The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council has issued a press release condemning homosexuality in the country. The release says this is in solidarity with the stance against homosexuality by the country’s leadership. It says it welcomed, with courage, the prosecution of ‘homosexuals’ in the country. The Supreme Islamic Council advised the people of the Gambia to stand firm and support the government’s position, saying that it is our duty as religious people to ensure that such acts are put to an end in our beloved country.  In view of this, the council calls on all imams in the Gambia to dilate on the issue during their sermons on Friday 25th of May 2012 in order to reiterate the religions’ condemnation of indecent acts.

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