Monday , 24 September 2018
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Do It Yourself

YouTube is the world’s most popular video downloading site. At my workplace people always come to me to ask for a software to download YouTube videos. There are many third-party software for downloading video content from YouTube. YTD, aTube Catcher, Freemake Downloader, etc, just to name a few, are some of the most commonly used ones. It’s often difficult to say which one is the best among this lot. The choice is down to personal preference. However, most novice computer users neither know how to install this software nor interact with them. Another downside to these third-party software is most contain within their installation package extra “unnecessary” add-on software like toolbars and search engines that can usually modify your browser settings.

Therefore, one may ask is there a way to download videos from YouTube without the need to install any third-party software at all? If you’ve guessed yes, you’re indeed right! it’s possible to download from YouTube without the need for any downloader. Here I show you how to do it yourself in 6 simple steps.


Open your browser of choice (chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Windows Explorer, Windows Edge, Safari, etc.) and type on the browser URL bar.


After launching the YouTube page, write the name of the video you want to download on the search bar.


Choose the video you want to download by clicking on it.



When the video is loaded, go to the browser URL bar and double click in between the dot or period (.) and the letter (y) for YouTube until such that your mouse pointer is jumping there and type (ss) and press enter.





You will be redirected to a different website called There you will see the name of the video with a horizontal green button with the word “Download” typed in white.


You can now click on download to save the video in your PC. Or you can choose to download the video in different formats by clicking on the white side of the download button to reveal the different available formats.

This method saves you hard disk memory as well as the headache of choosing which third-party software YouTube downloader to use.

I hope you enjoyed this iClick tip and trick.